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WebMonit Ultima versione 1.5

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WebMonit - Download WebMonit, versione 1.5

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Check latest news? Stock price is up or down? Your website has some problem?... You need not check these manually. WebMonit can do these for you. It can monitor web pages changes automatically. Monitor content could be the whole webpage or a part of webpage or just a field. A user defined event could be triggered when change occurred. WebMonit is a powerful and easiest-to-use web pages monitor tool available for Windows 98/NT/Me/2000/XP/2003.

Its key features are listed below:

1. Monitor all kinds of pages: html, asp, .jsp, php, etc...
2. Select any part of a web page for monitoring
3. Monitor interval could be changed automatically depending on the time
4. Record web page changed history
5. Various notification actions (pop-up message, sound, mail, run other program) can be enabled when changes are detected
6. Logical rule could be used for normal monitor content
7. Numeric logical rule could be used for numeric monitor content, very useful for monitoring product price, stock price, foreign exchange price, ...
8. Schedule task management
9. Simple interface, easy to use



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